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Not Drowning But Waving - August 23, 2015

So it's August and time for the first blog entry for 2015...

If Fisheye had a favourite key, right now it would be 'low'.  We played a cool show back in June to celebrate the last of the band to pass the 
half-century mark, and have been toying with new material both original & covered.  We've also recently started experimenting with going back to 
our acoustic roots with the aim of playing smaller, more intimate venues - more on that in the near future, hopefully!
Other than that, not much else in the way of news.  As ever, sign up for (ir)regular updates!
S'all y'all
The 'F' in Fisheye

If Fisheye had a favourite key, right now it would be 'low'.  We played a cool show back in June to celebrate the last of the band to pass the half-century mark, and have been toying with new material both original & covered.  We've also recently started experimenting with going back to our acoustic roots with the aim of playing smaller, more intimate venues - more on that in the near future, hopefully!

Other than that, not much else in the way of news.  As ever, sign up for (ir)regular updates...

S'all y'all!


The 'F' in Fisheye

Back Blog - December 21, 2014

Is it Christmas already?  You betcha.  And in the best Fisheye tradition, we’re able to whip the wrapper off this year’s seasonal contribution to the Xmas Spectacularama canon - a cover of a rather fun little rocker from The Eels, ‘Everything’s Gonna Be Cool This Christmas’.  We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together – which was a new experience for us, in that there was no point in the recording process when we were actually all present and correct!

While we’re dusting down 2014, there are a few other new items in Fisheyeland as in addition to the above -there are three new tracks in the Coverville section – an if-George-played-mandolin take on the Beatles’ ‘The Ballad of John & Yoko’, then a ‘roid rage Monkees version of ‘Pleasant Valley Sunday’, and lastly but by no means leastly a suitable homage to Neil Young’s ‘Powderfinger’.  There are a few more of these in the pipeline, so keep an eye out for updates.

All of the above, as ever, are available for download and delectation from the Music page.

Other happenings since the last missive: we had a very enjoyable time at the Olde Blind Dog on St. Patrick’s Day, the crowd was rockin’ and the good times flowed...  and we played a rather jolly birthday party early in the Summer… and that’s about it!  Though recent murmurings of thoughts of perhaps a new original album were recently rumoured to have been heard…

All the best to everyone over the Holidays & for 2015!

S’all y’all


The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Third Fisheye Blinde - February 27, 2014

Hello to all out there…

So we seem to be heading out finally from the Mother of All Winters to Spring and in Fisheyeland that can only mean one thing: St Patrick’s Day at the Olde Blinde Dog in Milton, Alpharetta. We’ll be playing Saturday March 15th from 7 – 11 pm, give or take a well-earned 10 minute break or two. Check out the Calendar page for more details.


The more eagle eyed out there will have noticed a new addition to our Coverville portfolio that got snuck in sometime around when the traditional Christmas aural treat was unwrapped. Jimmy Webb shakes hands with Glen Cambpell while rinsed liberally with REM and that’s what we got – enjoy our spin on “Wichita Lineman” at our Music page.

Well, that’s about all for now.  Hope to see y’all on the 15th!


The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Wild Things & Santa Sings - December 3, 2013

Goodness me has it really been so long since the last missive?!

So, what’s been crackin’ on in Fisheyeland then…

First up we played a new venue for us back in September – The Wild Wing Café in Alpharetta, which was a most enjoyable night all round and we hope to be back there again in the not too distant future…

Secondly, there’s a new addition to the Coverville collection of our favourite cover songs as U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ gets the Fisheye faceful full force  - as ever, check out the Music page to download that & other goodies.

Lastly, we’re trotting towards that time of year when the big fella in red cracks the whip over Rudolph & the rest of the crew - We’re all set to commence the alchemy that should hopefully result in this year’s Festive aural treat.  The track has been selected & we’re going to give it a thorough seeing to before unleashing it to the world – keep an eye on the Music page, sign up for email updates and check out our Facebook page…

Remember to pen in St Patrick’s Day back at the Olde Blind Dog!

S’all y’all


The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Summer Ketchup - August 17, 2013

So Summer rumbles on and there is much to share with our friends out there in Fisheyeland…

First up there are three new items in our Coverville series: a vigorous romp through the King’s “Suspicious Minds”, replete once again with Jock Stax Horns courtesy of our very good pal Andrew Baillie; another Decemberists’ number in our force-fed take on the early REM tribute “Calamity Song”; and rounded out with a majestic rendition of Coldplay’s “The Scientist” drenched in thick shoegazer sauce.  All are available for your delectation and download from the Music page.

Since the last update we have not only played St Patrick’s Day at the Olde Blinde Dog – which was a lot of fun, thanks to all who came along – but we’re also all set to play there next year, so mark your calendars early for March 15th 2014…

May also saw the voice of Fisheye, our very own Mr. Honeycomb himself, pass the half century mark, which was suitably celebrated by a very enthusiastic couple of sets despite torrential rain that seems to have been such a staple this season…

We’re working on getting a few more shows lined up, so as ever keep an eye on the Calendar page or even better still sign up for email updates.

S’all y’all for now!


The ‘F’ in Fisheye


Knick Knack Saint Paddy’s Craic - March 1, 2013

Greetings to all from the eye of the Fish…


The big news of course as we enter March is our St Patrick’s Day gig at the Olde Blind Dog in Old Milton on Saturday the 16th. This is our second show with Stanley keeping the beat, and since New Year we’ve been hard at it bringing him up to speed (and the rest of us kicking off some rust) on all things Fisheye. We’ve some new covers, a couple of new originals and plenty of old favourites to delight y’all with – as ever, check out the Calendar page for details.

There’s a new entry on our Music page as (What’s So Funny About) Peace, Love & Understanding is added to our Coverville canon – download & enjoy!

Jason also has new gadgets to play with on an even bigger effects board…. Crikey!

See y’all on St Pat’s!


The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Yule Blog - December 16, 2012

Seems like a while since the last missive from Fisheyeland, so lets get up to date…

Our first gig in quite some time – at the annual Row for the Cure event back in September – went swimmingly. It was good to be back in the saddle again, and Stanley certainly scored on his debut, as they say in sporting circles. It was a great day, beautiful sunshine & a good cause – what more could you ask for?

There’s a new addition to our “Coverville” canon, this time it’s “Ring of Fire” that gets the Fisheye make-over – check out the Music page to listen and download. Many thanks to Andrew Baillie, guesting as the “Jock Stax” horn section. There’s one more classic to come from these sessions, so keep an eye out for that.

And as we stampede towards Christmas, is it of course time for the unveiling of the Fisheye Christmas Spectacularama edition for this year. 2012 sees Jimmy Webb’s rather lovely ballad “Whatever Happened To Christmas?” getting the Fisheye festive treatment – we hope that y’all enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

Ghosts of Fisheye Christmas’ past are also available for delectation and download on the Music page. Andy, the Phil Spector of Fisheyeland, has been posting reminiscences of these previous recording sessions on our Facebook page, which make entertaining reading – check out the Links page to get the low down.

As we head into the New Year we’ll be gearing up for our next scheduled show at the Olde Blind Dog St Patrick’s day celebration in Alpharetta – be sure to ink that date into your diaries.

Until next time – Happy Holidays, y’all!

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Ta Ra’s & Ta Ta’s - September 4, 2012

Seems like Summer is finally winding down into Fall, but the gears have been shifting up in Fisheyeland…

First up we have two shows – they come along like buses, right? – as we are playing the annual Atlanta Row for the Cure event on Saturday, September 22nd. So now you’ve two great reasons to attend, as you can lend your support to the very worthy cause of breast cancer research and catch us live for the first time in over a year.

Then mark your diaries for St. Patrick’s Day 2013, as we return to one of our fave venues, the Olde Blind Dog in Old Milton, Alpharetta, closing out a day-long celebration of all things green and gaelic on Saturday, March 16th.

As ever check out our Calendar page for details.

There’s also new music available to download from the Music page. “Down By the Water”, originally by the Decemberists, has been smothered in Fisheye sauce, baked at high temperature and served up for your delight as part of our “Coverville” canon. There’s a couple more to come from those sessions, so keep your eye out for any updates.

Lastly, we’re marching to a brand new beat as Stanley Parker has taken over drum duties from Doug. Stanley is a native Georgian, and most notably played in the band Mrs Robinson’s Daughter way back in the murky mists of the mid 90’s. Welcome aboard Stanley, and a big thanks to Doug for all he has contributed over the years – Fisheye would certainly not be the same without him!

Hope to see y’all real soon – saving the ta ta’s!

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Between the Covers - June 26, 2012

Summer is most definitely here in the ATL, with it due to hit three digits later this week...

Whilst the activity in Fisheyeland has not been quite as blistering hot, things have been warming up over the last couple of months. We've been dabbling with some more recording, this time a few covers starting with 'Mrs. Robinson', 'Zombie' and '(Don't go Back To) Rockville', all of which are available for your delectation and download from the Music page.

'Zombie' features a new weapon in our arsenal, as Fisheye delve deep into BritRock-Shoegazing via the eBow that Jason had fun with.

There are a few more cover songs in the pipeline, which should hopefully be slapped into cyperspace later in the Summer.

We've also got a show (yes, remember those?) lined up in September, details to be posted soon.

S'all y'all - enjoy the sunshine!

The 'F' in Fisheye

Spring Is Sprung - April 5, 2012

Well, Spring is well & truly here… not that much in the way of news: we’ve been recording a few cover songs that we’ve gathered into our set list over the years, the fruits of which will be available for download in the coming weeks. As always, if anyone has any suggestions as to something that you’d be interested to hear us tackle, then drop us a line or leave a message on the Guestbook page.

Other stuff: Jason has recently acquired a new toy, a rather neat little gizmo that will feature on at least one of the tunes we’ve been recording… and Doug treated himself to a shiny new geetar.

Enjoy the sunshine, y’all

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Slade Belles - December 19, 2011

Well, it’s that time of the year & the traditional Fisheye Christmas Spectacularama has a proud new addition. This time it’s “Merry Xmas Everybody” by Slade, a UK yuletide iconic staple, that gets the alcohol soaked Three Mile Island plus a little Fisheye special sauce treatment.

You can listen & download it from here:

Or go to the Music tab of the website for that & all other previous Fisheye Christmas releases.

For a little perspective, here’s a clip of Slade in their full 1973 glory, introduced by the recently departed British national institution that was Sir Jimmy Saville, MBE, bless ‘im - and also explains the appearance of Quasimodo at the end of our own version:

Not much other news from Fisheyeland, though hopefully balls will start rolling in the New Year…

Have a wonderful Winter festival of your choice, and a happy New Year, y’all!

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Static - October 18, 2011

There are times in all Dad Bands when the Dad bit outweighs the Band... and so it’s been in Fisheye-land for the last couple of months. Domestic duties have limited our time together somewhat, and will probably continue to do so through the Fall.

We did have a blast at the last show we did at the end of August for the wonderful folks at the Gainsborough Swim-tennis Club, Andy’s slight attack of the vapors aside...

The only news of note is that Stacked is now available on Spotify:

S’all y’all

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Long, Hot Summer… - August 2, 2011

Hmmm bit of a lag since the last missive in April…

It’s been pretty much steady-as-she-goes in Fisheyeland since then. We had great fun playing a couple of outdoor gigs, firstly at the Atlanta Silverbacks in April, followed by the Virginia Highlands Summerfest in June. Both required plenty of hydration, as it’s been a long, hot summer here in the ATL, and still with some to go…

Nothing new Calendar-wise is on the horizon save for a private party in a couple of weeks, though we have been feeling our way around some new original material in the meantime. The new, more electric savoir faire of Fisheye is starting to bed in, as they say…

Here's a little slideshow – per Jason:

“It's a sequential story of the rail track mentioned in the song. The opening picture is from 1963, and the cookie cutters are on the right – my house is about level with the steam engine.

The track (Great Central Railway) was built in 1897, and decommissioned in 1967.

My earliest memory is of a seeing train running along the embankment from my pram parked underneath our kitchen window, and I also remember the lines being pulled up. The derelict shots are as it was when it was my playground.”

Oh – there are a few more reviews of Stacked in the Press section, thanks again to Stefan for the translations.

Stay cool, y’all

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Life’s a Pitch - April 17, 2011

By golly, it looks as though we’ve well and truly sprung into Spring, and that means that things have been pushing out shoots and blooming in Fisheye-land…

First up, the new album “Stacked” is now available at iTunes, Amazon & cdbaby – check out the “Buy CDs” page from the website. Our new opus has already had it’s first review (see the “Press” page), which although it’s in Dutch appears to be positive when run through one of those one-line translator whatsits… keep an eye out for the official English translation which shouldn’t be too long in coming.

Second, we’re playing our first show of this year this coming Saturday, as we’re the opening entertainment for the Atlanta Silverbacks soccer game that night – check out the Calendar page for details. We’ll have copies of “Stacked” available, and it’s looking like the official release party will be towards the end of June, so come on down and grab a sneaky advance copy…

Lastly, we’ve been working on a few new covers which will get their first public airing this coming weekend (how many more reasons do you need to come on down?), and we’ve been honing our electric alter-ego (oh there’s another one!)

S’all y’all for now,

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Stacked On The Slipway - February 5, 2011

A belated Happy New year to all…

The biggest news to share so far this year is that our third opus – entitled “Stacked” for no other reason than it is – is now fully fitted out, mixed & mastered. The artwork is about wrapped, so it’s not going to be too long before it’s unleashed. We’ll be making plans for a CD release party & will pass the details along when we have ‘em.

Though the Calendar page has still got tumbleweeds blowing through, it’s not for want of trying – we did have a return to the Olde Blind Dog firmly penciled in, but then the OBD subsequently canceled their whole live music program shortly after confirmation. Next time you’re in the OBD, tell ‘em to bring the music back!

Other than that, Jason’s upped the ante again in the Fisheye gear acquisition poker game, having treated himself to a rather dandy new amplifier to nicely round out our electric alter-ego.

There’s also a very complimentary new review for our last album, A Totally Different Disaster, on the website’s Press page, from Rob Lincoln at

S’all y’all

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Chrissie Mass Tied - December 20, 2010

Hot off the press: our Fisheye Christmas Spectacularama for this year is now up and available online. This time around it’s The Pretenders’ “2000 Miles” that gets the Fisheye treatment, the usual one-night beer, wine and chicken wings fest (with a couple of follow up sessions) combined with Andy’s mastery of the mix. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it together.

You can listen to it on the music player at the top of this website, or you can download it from the Music page where you'll also find our first 3 holiday tunes:

Or you can download it directly from this link:

Other news in brief:

The third CD, “Stacked” is in the bag and should be released early 2011. It’s currently at the artwork and pre-mastering stage, as always accompanied by the usual Fisheye collective hand wringing. We’ve already started knocking around some new tunes beyond that. We’re also always open to suggestions to expand our covers repertoire – email us or leave a request in the Guestbook.

The Calendar page is still a little threadbare, though this should be rectified as we glide into 2011. As usual, sign up to receive updates as we line things up.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year y’all,

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

A Whole Lotta Shakey Goin’ On… - November 7, 2010

We had a fun Fall: the gig at Grant Park was rather jolly (and thankfully dry this year). There are videos from our stint at the Suwanee Days festival available at our Facebook site - look at our 'Links' page - this has us in our more electrified configuration for those who’ve not experienced the ‘Judas’ Fisheye… Rounding out the season, we had the usual pleasure of playing the Olde Blind Dog in Old Milton - and another blessedly dry night again this time, too.

So, aside from a private party by moonlight, that pretty much brings things up to date. The final overdubs on the next CD have been laid down, and now Andy is just tweaking the final tweaks and applying the last of the spit & polish. It’s sounding rather lovely.

Other than that, we’ve the annual Fisheye Christmas Spectacularama to fasten in our crosshairs before we shoot it, cook it & serve it up. Suggestions are welcome…

Calendar page is rather bare right now, we hope to get out and about again before the end of the year.

See y’all soon,

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Rick’n’Roll - August 26, 2010

Firstly, some most excellent news: Fisheye will be around for the foreseeable future, as the Honeycombed One finally secured a way to pay the mortgage without having to leave town to do it. Hurrah!

Then we’ve a big ‘first’ of a gig coming up this weekend at the Grant Park Summer Shade festival: we’ll be debuting our electric alter-ego, new mandolin’n’all. I only hope the gig is half as good as recent rehearsals – and that it stays dry, in sharp contrast to last year which was spent cowering under what available cover there was. Come on down & see us as we’ve never been seen & heard before –without an umbrella! As ever, check out the Calendar page for details.

We’ve also been pressing ahead with recording for the next album, and things are really looking good – Andy’s gradually morphing into a wigless Phil Spector, sans the models/firearms/jail aspect. There’s some more overdubbing to be done and maybe a couple more tracks to add, then the beast will be just about be there or thereabouts, hopefully to be ready sometime in the Fall.

Slight gear update: Doug has a new crash cymbal, which though on the surface may seem a little low-key, the ears of those of us who stand within a six foot radius whilst he’s smacking it are eternally grateful as it’s a reduced volume thingy. Bliss…

That’s about it for now – hope to see y’all real soon!

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Fisheye Becomes Electric - July 25, 2010

So summer boils on and we’ve been keeping the pot gently simmering on the next album. The first half dozen tracks are pretty much in the bag, and last week saw the first cuts of five more laid down. These will now be tweaked this way & that over the next few weeks as the apparatus is put through its paces.

There’s still no firm news on the longevity of Fisheye, but things are looking up a little. The Calendar page is no longer bare – we’ve shows at the end of August at the Grant Park Summer Shade festival (having been promoted to the main stage this year), as well as playing the Suwanee Days festival in September, and later that month returning to the Olde Blind Dog in Alpharetta for hopefully a drier experience than last time. As usual, check out our Calendar page for details or better still sign up for email updates.

The band gear acquisition poker game has seen the ante raised yet again: Jason has recently become the proud owner of an electric mandolin, which now means that we have the capacity to do a full electric show in the future (pipe down with those cries of ‘Judas!’, y’all). Here’s the official line on the new beauty:, though Jason’s is a rather lovely ‘fireglo’ red. Our Facebook page has a picture of her debut at a recent practice session, & no doubt the Fisheye Menagerie page will also see a formal portrait before too long.

That’s about all for now – hope to see y’all at an upcoming show soon.

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Limbo - June 7, 2010

So Spring has sprung and Summer is here…

We enjoyed the private shows – including a first for us, a wedding… Though the last gig we played - at the Olde Blind Dog - proved to be a bit of a challenge due to the heavens opening over us on the patio about 25 minutes into the set, which rather put a damper on things – thanks to all who helped rush to get all of our gear undercover. We did revive enough of ourselves & our gear to finish virtually unplugged...

…Which was a shame as this might be our last show for a little while. The observant out there may have noticed that our Calendar page is looking rather threadbare, this being due to us being unable to commit to any future dates for the time being whilst the one indispensable & honeycombed chink in the Fisheye chain faces the possibility of having to relocate from the ATL. Fingers crossed.

But that’s not to say we’ve been totally idle – work continues (although at a subdued pace) on the next album, now being at the stage of kicking a few more newbies into shape before driving Andy nuts with getting them ground through the ol’ apparatus.

S’all y’all for now

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

A Totally Averted Disaster - April 7, 2010

Which is not the title of the album-in-progress, though that subject is being tossed lightly about between the collective Fisheye hand-wringing mullahs that we are…

We had a blast playing at the Olde Blind Dog on St. Patrick’s Day, despite being unwittingly monitorless, though it only went ahead with a huge debt of thanks to “Bullet” Eric. It turned out that Jason’s electronic crutch - can you imagine us live without wah-wah mandolin on stereo delay? Yep, that scary – was playing pool back in Midtown, but our stout hero retrieved the miscreant in double-quick time and didn’t get a ticket in the process. We even enjoyed the karaoke…

Work still progresses on the next CD. To date there are half a dozen tracks taking shape, with plenty more to toss into the smelting pot. It’s gonna be a good ‘un…

Next up: we’re playing a couple of private parties before returning to the ‘Dog on May 14th – as ever, check out the Calendar page for details.

S’all y’all for now,

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Sisyphus, Stacked - February 21, 2010

By Fisheye standards it’s been pretty low-key for the past few weeks.

Though saying that, we’ve started the ball rolling on the next album, which in the past has been six months or so of pushing uphill with the wind against us… The new material is starting to gel & new stuff keeps coming along all the time – this next one will be stacked with goodies by the sound of it, tackling everything from the cradle to the grave with a few detours along the way.

We’ve a couple of private parties lined up through Spring, though it’s looking likely that we’ll have another public show to announce fairly soon to add to closing out St. Patrick’s Day at the Olde Blind Dog on March 17th. As ever, check out the Calendar page or sign up for email updates.

Oh – and Andy just got a new baby – lovely portrait to be added to the Menagerie page on the Links section very soon, no doubt.

S’all y’all for now…

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

Lourdes of Fisheye - January 24, 2010

Happy New Year to y'all - and we hope you liked our little seasonal offering.

2010 is already off to a busy start in Fisheye-land. We saw in the New Year with a cracking show at the Olde Blind Dog, and just over a week later braved the arctic weather with a very intimate gathering at JavaMonkey - thanks to all who came & trust that you enjoyed 'em as much as we did. Incidentally, a few of the tracks from the JavaMonkey gig are now available in the music section, including a golden oldie from Brian & a brand new one from Jason - now that's a twist on how it usually goes...

We've got several shows lined up, including a return to the Olde Blind Dog as we close their St Patrick's Day celebrations - come on down & wear your green! - check out the Calendar page as always for details.

There are a few more reviews of "A Totally Different Disaster" on display at the Press page - including a piece from the Netherlands, thanks to Stefan for the translation. We initially ran it through a few on-line programs, but figured something was getting lost in translation as we were described as "the Lords of Fisheye"... Lordy!

We've also been busy putting new material together, and have the solid core to start the next album with already - a few of which have been showcased live recently. It seems that the muses have been busy...

Lastly, there's a new picture in the menagerie page to pretty much complete the family album - until the ante in the Fisheye gear acquisition poker game gets raised...

S'all y'all for now - see you soon.

The 'F' in Fisheye

Yule Tied - December 17, 2009

Now that 'A Totally Different Disaster' has been officially unleashed - and thanks to all who braved the freezing temperatures to come help us celebrate at the Steamhouse Lounge - it's now also available locally at Wuxtrey Records and Decatur CD, as well as online at iTunes. See their respective details in the ‘Links’ page if you can’t wait to grab a copy from us at an upcoming live show.

Incidentally, the new album has had it’s first review (check out the ‘Press’ page on the site), thankfully positive with mentions in dispatches (as they say in military circles) for Brian’s dulcet tonage. He’s going to have to invest a complete new wardrobe of hats at this rate.

This week also saw the recording of this year’s Fisheye Christmas spectacularama, which involved buckets of mega-hot wings, beer and wine. It was a long night, but we got through it like the troopers we are. Santa’s mixing elves are now busy beating the beast into some kind of digestible format to be ready before the big guy in the red suit cracks the whip over Rudolf & the rest of the crew.

That about wraps it up for now. Hope to see y’all at our New Year’s bash at the Olde Blind Dog in Alpharetta & keep an eye out on the ‘Music’ page for the fruits of our seasonal labours.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to all!

The ‘F’ in Fisheye

A Totally Different Release Party & Gnu Ear Sieve - November 22, 2009

We’ve finally set a date for the ‘A Totally Different Disaster’ official release party – Thursday, December 10th, 8 PM at the Steamhouse Lounge in Midtown (see ‘Calendar’ page on the website for more details). As well as a free copy of the CD to all comers, this will be the first & possibly only time when we’ll be incorporating keyboards into our live set up. There’ll also be debuts for some hot off the press new original songs, as well as some brand spanky new covers.

For those that just can’t wait until then, the new CD is now finally actually available on-line from CDBaby – check out the ‘Buy CDs’ link from the website.

Our last show this year is at the Olde Blind Dog in Milton, as we play there New Year’s Eve starting at 9 PM through and well into 2010. We’ll be playing just about everything we know, and possibly some we don’t! Again, check out the ‘Calendar’ page for more info on how to spend a rockin’ Fisheye Hogmanay…

There are some new pictures in the Menagerie page from the ‘Links’ section, vacation shots from the lovely ladies’ recent weekend retreat in the north Georgia mountains – thankfully they weren’t tempted by the hot hub.

Well, that about wraps it up… hope to see y’all before the end of the year!

The ‘F’ in Fisheye
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